Psychic Tarot Readings

If you would be interested in having a Psychic Tarot Reading from one of our professional tarot readers, with over 30 years’ experience in their trade, then choose from the two options below.  Our Psychics have hundreds of happy customers, who come back again and again should they need their services to receive an answer to a situation, problem or personal matter.

Single Situation Tarot Reading

Our Single Situation Tarot Readings are based on one item that you would like to receive an answer for. It might be about

  • A Relationship
  • Health
  • Finances etc.

this can be based on a single card drawn at random from the Tarot Deck or a Mini Spread

Full Tarot Reading

The Full Tarot Reading is usually carried out on the Celtic Spread, where the numbers are relevant to the aspects of the situations.

  1. The Querent
  2. The Situation
  3. The Foundation
  4. The Recent Past
  5. The Short-Term Outlook
  6. Present State of the Problem
  7. Outside Influences
  8. Internal Influences
  9. Hopes and Fears
  10. Long Term Outcome

To receive your Tarot Reading simply purchase either the Single Situation Tarot Reading or the Full Tarot Reading, by clicking on the button below each image. Once we have received your payment one of our Tarot Readers will be intouch with you to arrange a convenient time to carry out your reading. You can receive your reading via two methods a Telephone Reading or a Zoom Call Reading (The Zoom code will be emailed or sent via text message)

Disclaimer. JD’s Peculisr Things will not be held liable for any information you request via Tarot Reading or any other spiritual communication, if the information received is life threatening or upsetting as we only pass on to you the customer the information we receive through the cards and spirit via our Spirit Guides.